OFER MUSIK is a new uprising publishing company for Film TV and Media Licensing. We OFER MUSIK from the future for your futuristic projects. We have sounds from the past and new evolved electronic music available. Each song is highly energetic for your motivational need. Please send us your thoughts and interest of what song would fit your project. Thank you!

Dance Transformer

Dance Transformer Inst.

Mega-Jons Bass

Old-School Retro-
Dance Transformer Retro Style

Mega-Mix Pt 1

Mega-Mix Pt 2

Bass Musik

Bass Musik Instrumental

Bass Musik II

Bass Musik II Instrumental

Virus In the Machine

Excessive Bass

Excessive Bass Instrumental

Electro Bass Funk

Backbeat Booming

Backbeat Booming Instrumental

The Return of the Wobble Dance

The Return of the Wobble Dance Instrumental

New-School Retro-
Retro Bass

Retro Bass Instrumental

New-School-Just Instrumentals
The Future House Mix


Hazardous Bass

Circuit Breaker

Needlz On the Records

Electro Cyber Dance Instrumental

Bass Machine Instrumental

All songs written, arranged, and Mixed by Iceman Ja A.K.A. Mega Jon Bass from:
On-Fire Electronic Records